Fumbling With Food

     It was a nice day, isnt it? Although the weather is pretty crazy, hot in the morning and early afternoon, stormy rains after that with ice cubes falling (that’s what my friend says). I did ignored the hot blizzing weather by switching on the air-conditioner and killing the ozone layer, which makes the world a hotter place to live and melting the ice up north and… Okay, let’s stop with all the cheezz… So, my plan for today… My plan… sounds evil… Poison? Cyanide? Hmm… Salt!!! That’s it! I rubbed my hands together, closed my eyes and then… It’s time to ransack the refrigerator. I dare not open the refrigerator too long as I unplug the switch because of the crazy lightning outside, so I scramble back and forth to find anything I can get on, and put it onto the table.

        When I finish throwing all the stuff out, then I sort out which one am I going to cook. Hmm… I wonder again, taking the food up and examine it. Is this due or even edible? I can’t even see the shape! I shove it back into the refrigerator. Next, I saw… ikan billis.. anchovies… Okay, I’ll fry this. Then, I saw… leftover duck duck. Yay, so I left it there to defrost. There were a few more things placed together with the duck, which was meatballs, tuna and the… chinese sausage. I nodded my head in approval of all the things there, then I settle myself with french beans, garlic and onions. I chopped them up like never before, and luckily the knife is sharp or I’ll have to wrestle and declare war against them. After finish chopping them up, I put the anchovies into the oven and let it dry out. But, it turns out to be freaking salty, so I just have to use it as a decoration. Then I slice the meatballs, chinese sausage and duck meat clean, I started the fire. Oh, before that, I had the eggs… two eggs for scramble like, three eggs for the rice.

       I had to take out the pan, and boy, the pan was bigger than my face, but easy to handle. I added oil and waited it to heat up. Then, there goes the eggs. Oh, but then the oil was not hot enough, so the eggs kind of float around…. That was so funny! But, it came out nice and golden, very pretty and proud of myself! I took it out and add more oil to the pan, and add chinese sausage first to get the aroma going on. Next was the garlic and onions. I played fried with it and let it cook till there’s a nice smell of it, only I add the tuna, duck meat and meatballs. Fry fry fry… and added more oil, soya sauce, salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Fry fry fry… and added the french beans after that… Add a little more oil and stir it until everything looks nice and lovely, sweet and refine, delicious and gorgeous, marvelous and… I think… the ingredients of it all are much more than the rice…

        Hmm… Oh well… There goes the rice and more soya sauce. Mix them! Kill them! Smash em’! Rarrr… Err okay… so the rice is well mixed and pretty pretty. I added some rice wine to enhance the taste and I love the sound! Hahaha! But actually… I should add the egg when i add in the rice and the rice should be put like there’s a hole in the middle and pour the egg inside. I forgot about that… Oh well, there goes the eggs in with soya sauce again… and sugar… and pepper. Mix mix mix mix and see the eggs run around towards the rice, covering them and conquering the other ingredients. I switch off the fire and add in the scramble eggs.

       I mix them around until it’s all even and taste it… Oh my dogness! It’s edible! I jumped with laughter and tears (not!) and I quickly put it into a nice plate, waiting for my guinea pig to come back, which happens to be my brother. I wash everything and clean up the kitchen. My brother got back and we ate… Hmm.. It’s okay… It has nice smell… But its… a little too salty? I agreed with him 100% and reminded him to drink plenty of water later. My dear fried rice, at least you can be eaten, and I’m grateful for all the food that allows me to cook it and the nice weather while cooking so I won’t sweat my eyes out!


1 Comment

  1. mantao said,

    May 15, 2007 at 12:27 pm

    Hey darlin… at least it didnt rain fried rice in the kitchen heheheh
    Btw, you could categories and tag all ur posts … just look at the left corner of your post when your are writing … can add categories such as food, dogs,etc

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