A Taste of Tony Roma’s

        Okay, so…. I’m full… Yeah, definitely full… Let me tell you why I’m full.. No wait, I’m bloated! Anyway, my brother decided that today is “De” day to bring me and his girlfriend out for a nice meal. I was lazing pretty much at home, had a bread for lunch, plenty of water and it was really hot out there. I lie on the sofa, jumped and danced around the house, but not roll… Well, I’m not into rolling around the house these days. My brother came back and got engrossed with his computer, while I conquered the television. After a while, it was time to hit the road and go hunt for our food. We went out, drove to The Curve and I was glad that there were few cars along the highway. We met up with my brother’s girlfriend and headed to a place called Tony Roma’s that has opened for about a few weeks or a month now.

        How do we know about Tony Roma’s? Well a week or two before, Tony Roma’s had offered a good deal about Carlsberg draft at only RM1 for a glass from 11am till 6 or 7pm in the evening. The rule is you must drink finish before ordering another glass, and you must drink finish all the beer, if not you have to pay the normal price of it. It’s a nice, dim and cozy place as my family and I went there for a drink and had some little snacks like fried mushrooms and french fries. So, back to the dinner… We scan through the menu and decided to eat there after all. The waitress who served us is called Susan and she was a pleasant and polite lady. My brother ordered 1/2  bbq chicken served with fries and coleslaw and refillable Coke drink; His girlfriend ordered sesame fish that comes with rice and additonal soup of the day; and I, ordered a chicken bbq sandwich served with french fries and sky juice.

       The food came in big portions, I mean, really really big… and I was just staring at it. Everyone started to feast on their food. The burger was about two fists of my hand and flooded with shredded bbq chicken which tasted so sweet, nice aroma and was just neat. The french fries of course, was fantastic as well as they use sea salt and black pepper with it.  There was a little decoration with two raw onion rings and a dry chilli. The other two portion was big and I really don’t know how my brother and his girlfriend ate it.  The plate was as big as two round plates join together. Everything was splendid! The bbq chicken was lovely too, along with four different types of saucewhich has its own refined taste: hot and spicy, original, smokie and honey.

       Hmm… but that was not all, I got so itchy handed after finishing up all my food, and started to take the half uneaten and unused lemon (poor lemon) and squeezed the juice into my sky juice. I mixed them around a bit and I love it. The next thing was the stupidiest or most stupid thing I did for the whole week, that is I ate the dry chilli which is not cooked and well, dry and HOT!!!!! I stuck out my tongue, trying to get some aid from my sky juice, but the acid was killing my tongue, so I reached out for my brother’s Coke drink. I drank a little, got green and choked as the gas was also killing me. Another stupid thing I did was to eat the Mentos sweet they gave me, mint is nice but it’s hot and added to my collection of how to kill your tongue and throat. I drank more of my lemon sky juice and felt sick. Hahah, I was very full, bloated with water and a hot mouth ( I meant spicy hot! Lol!).

      I came out with 15 little alien babies of chicken bbq in me and then my stomach starts to quiver and shiver, my hands got cold and my legs started shivering too. well, according to people or science, aren’t I suppose to be warm after eating a damn big portion of food? Anyway, it was so funny and my ribcage hurted because my stomach was bloated. But after all the fights and war of it, I was contented because the food was really good and fully american style. They had a branch at California near Disneyland too, where my brother ate once there.

      Yummy, oh but the 15 alien babies of chicken bbq are still swimming in my tummy now. I don’t think they’ll kick, do they?


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