Malaysia Dog Olympic Day

Sunday ( 27th May, 2006)

         I woke up in a daze with a nice warm refreshing sunlight upon the side of my bed. I knew I could not sleep longer, nor could I laze around as what I did for the past two weeks. The bones are becoming lazier than ever, but I realized that I never did sleep for long during the holidays. I washed up, got dressed and went to 1 Utama with my parents at around 9.45am. 

        I went alone to the Central Park that is in front of 1 Utama New Wing to see the ultimate Malaysia Dog Olympic Day!!! I was greeted by dozens of dogs who were sniffing around and make every attempt to jump into the lake with their owners trying to handle them by pulling and jerking their leashes.  There were already so many people with their dogs, and luckily I spotted my friend with her little brother nearby the PAWS store.  Let me copy what they define the Dog Olympic Day : ”

There will be 12 dog competitions that are open to all dog owners  and their dogs to participate. Participation is totally free for all. For each competition, there will be first, second and third placing with prizes and points of 10, 8 and 6 respectively. The dog that have accumulated the most points after all the competition will be the Malaysia K9 Olympic Champion 2007 and prizes as below. Those who wish to participate can choose to join as many competition as they wish.”

There it is, oh and there are a few stores like PAWS, SPCA, Microchip section, Purina, Some Accessories Shop etc. It’s a pretty lovely and the competitions were hot and wonderful! I did not know that so many people love dogs and many of them who participated this day were not from local, but from other places like Seremban and so on.

        It was such fun to see all types of dogs and puppies running around, where you need to watch your steps for droppings or little puppies and dogs who were set running freely around the place. There were breeds like siberian huskies, german shepherd, golden retriever, shih tzu, shnauzer, silky terrier, beagle, welsh corgi, jack russel terrier, cocker spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel, saint bernard, great dane, afghan hound, border collie, chihuahua, shiba inu, chow chow, maltese, pekingnese, labrador retriever, dalmatian, poodle, bulldog, boxer, spitz, doberman, rottweiler, daschund, pug and other mixed breed dogs.

        We caught hold of any dogs around and start taking pictures. I took up to 200 photos and I was still crazily running around, stalking dogs (but not from the butt, mind you lol) to take photos. There were many adorable ones and some of them form their own little club of dogs of the same breed, like huskies, jack russell terriers and beagles. The police dogs came too, and there were 5 police dogs: 3 german shepherds, one border collie and one labrador retriever. They’re so friendly and cute! 

        We saw several cute little golden retriever pups and a really big and huge saint bernard which looks like a cow (the spots). We saw a big dog which looks like a labrador but bigger was trained to attack and bite because they did a little demonstration. But, he is very good with kids, very patient and tame when the kids were around.

        I saw a dalmatian where a lady was walking her, and went to pat her (She’s not the only one I pats, but many others!). The lady told me she was from SPCA shelter and her name is Lady. She reminded me of AD, my uncle’s dog and was really quite and considerate, but friendly too. How I wish I could take her back… We chatted with a guy that has a chihuahua that was heavily pampered by the owner and my friend’s little brother was fascinated by the size as it can be picked up in a palm!

        But nevertheless, it was really fun observing and patting all the dogs around the area, trying to overcome the sadness of not owning a dog myself. Its been two hours when we decided to head for the covers as the sun was up at our heads and it was starting to heat up. Before we do so, we met 3 camwhore dogs lol! A british cocker spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel puppy and a golden retriever that has the softest fur ever! We got back in, separated in search of our parents!

        Overall, it had been a pleasant and exciting day for me as I can see and pat so many dogs at once! Well, at least it filled my day with laughters and smiles before the class starts tomorrow!