Are friends forgettable?

My little blog has reopened again!!! Although it’s a little weird to just continue… but it was just a moment of inspiration to write something in this hehe!
        Friend… is a word that a lot of people cherish, maybe sometimes more than their family. You could be sometimes enjoying with them, play and have fun with them without worries. You could also rely on them, in a way that you trust them wholeheartedly without a thought of what was going on behind it. You could be close to them, so much that you stay with them under the same roof, eating the same food,  or sharing the same hobbies and interests. Friends… are influential and affects part of your life. They could be so close to you, until you know that if you’re down or you have problems, you can talk to them, consult them or share the pain that you’re going through. To know that there is someone out there besides your family, to be your shoulder, and be your “lifter” at times, it is so comforting.

        But are friends forgettable?

       Till what extend do you need to know, to let go? To understand that the friend is not what or who you think he or she is, and preferred distance? Or is it just a normal friend that you barely meet, barely talk to, barely even know him or her, so she or he is forgettable? Or maybe, it was just a distance apart… that matters?

       Is it that you’ve not done enough for them? Don’t care enough about them? Don’t understand their chats or topics? Or don’t know what they desire and what they want from you? Or you yourself don’t even cherish them or acknowledge their presence in your life? So many questions… So many answers to it.

        I’ve heard about it – talked about it – experienced it. As I go along my journey, or my life, I learn to understand there were so many types of people, whom you called friends are still hiding under the veil – maybe shy, maybe it’s their character to act that way, or maybe a conspiracy. To get to like them, get influenced by them, makes everything more interesting, challenging and exciting.

        But, do they change as it goes? Unconsciously they grew, they “morph” into another person, which you didn’t know at all. You’re still in your little shell, thinking that people won’t change that much, since you knew them from the start. But, apparently that’s not how it goes for some of them. Maybe you can’t blame them, maybe you think that they grew with the environment, to survive or just affected by other people they call friends. Until a point, that you don’t remember that person anymore. With the same look, with the same body movements, or same fashion styles, you just don’t know them anymore. A sudden change in them, a leap of desire to become someone else, or maybe it was them from the start. Or maybe the problem starts with you, that you had changed and morph into another person that you didn’t know at all yourself.

        Who knows?

        So, are they going to be forgettable in your life? Or you’re going to remember them for the rest of your lives, of what happened and when did it happened, or how? Was it your fault? His or her fault? Or both which reacted the same way when something changes, and it became a dual fault.

        When a friend is not a friend anymore to you, would you forget or ignore their presence? How would you react to that situation? Or when two doesn’t give in, that it ended that way, and just disappeared into the air – an empty friendship. Maybe it’ll be forgettable as time passes, when everyone is getting on with their lives, their new focuses, their new aim or ambitions…

        And as time passes, people whom you think are far far far away friends became your closest, and those that were close to you went on without you. It’s a funny thing, no one can predict it… Heard in the radio about two very close childhood friends, can actually part because of a problem that one party caused, and one party unable to forgive. Thus the latter intend to forget his or her friend because of that, one, problem.

        Humans are so unpredictable…

        Friends are indeed important to you. But never forget who you are, your identity and know what’s best for you! So get on with it, and you’ll know that you have others to look up to, others that treat and like you as you are, not any other reasons.

        Also… smile always! There’s always a chance that the smile will brighten yourself and the people around you!!! An unselfish act!


Smiling freely everyone!
Smile freely everyone!

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