One Day Meal

      It was a Wednesday… My parents were away on vacation, happily spending their time at farms, meadows, penguins and other sightseeing.  While I’m at home ( my sister went to work), doing the laundry, watering the plants, sweeping the floor etc.. and just thought I might do something else rather than all that. Since my parents were away, no one is there to supervise me in the kitchen, the do’s and don’ts… mostly don’ts. I’ve decided to cook a meal for my sister and I for dinner so that we needn’t go out and eat.

      After finishing most of the chores and revision( I have test the following day), I went out to buy some groceries for the meal. I reached the grocery store called “Everfresh” and indeed, their groceries are always fresh! I scout around the area, searching for appropriate items for my “spaghetti”, which I have thought about the previous night. I first took some fresh english parsley from the bottle and held it like I’m holding flowers. Then, I saw fresh button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms… And I felt that oyster mushrooms would be great for an aglio olio spaghetti. So, I took two packets and headed to the fishy area. I hestitated, looking at the squid, clams, beef and tuna cans that were right behind my back. Off I threw some clams inside the plastic bag, unknown that if it’s fresh or not. I took a big looking squid and inserted it into another plastic bag. I still remembered asking the cashier if the clams were fresh, and she replied ” yes of course!”. As a noob of raw clams, I trusted her. I went back, washed and cleaned the squid and clams, put it back into the chiller, then I bathed and settled back to go for class.

      I came back around 3.30pm (exactly, with a little speeding maybe =P), changed and straight got into work. I took out the ingredients, which were squid, clams, yellow pepper, english parsley, garlics, onions, streaky bacon, the not-so-fresh-spaghetti, and oyster mushrooms. Well, before I start anything at all, I was suppose to boil the spaghetti, right? So, I wanted to move the wok away so I could have more space for cooking, since I’m not using it anyway. However, when I picked it up, I felt it was heavy, and there might be some liquid contents in it. So, I set it down, opened the lid and I saw… yellow goo-ish things floating on the surface, with a foul smell all around. When I looked closer, I realized that the white things around the sides MOVED!!! I quickly came into my senses that they were maggots! Some of them were moving rapidly, nearly coming out of the wok. I put the wok into the sink, and took hot water to splash them. Then, I washed away all the gross stuff, plus maggots wiggling around at the sides of the wok (and the cover as well). After cleaning the wok thoroughly, I straightened myself and continued where I stopped.

      I washed the spaghetti before boiling because it has a few insects inside that were joyfully chomping it away. Then, I started chopping english parsley to fine mush (and it turned my chopping board to green). After that, I chopped a little piece of yellow pepper, but forgotten to burn it a little under the fire to make it taste better, so I toss them into the toaster and let it toast for a little while. While it was toasting, I rinsed and cut the mushrooms, onions and garlic. Then, in comes the squid. I cut it open, unlike what I always used to cut in little rings, and then slice it in pieces ( I learnt that from the series, Take Home Chef). I marinate the squid and clams with a little bit of salt and english parsley.

      After that, I remembered taking out the yellow peppers, fortunately and cut the bacon. I took out the spaghetti from the boiler after trying it, then I started to lid up the fire and heat up the frying pan. First, I added a little olive oil into the pan, and then threw in the bacon. I let it fry until the bacon becomes brownish and dark in color, then I took the bacon out, but leaving the oil there. Then, I started frying onions and garlic. Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell that I did pluck some basil leaves from my garden and tossed it inside with the onions and garlic too. Then I added salt, sugar and a little chinese wine. I then added in the clams, and later the squid. You can imagine that the kitchen was in chaos, because I kept using new plates, new bowls everytime… I don’t know why… So I ended up filling the whole place with bowls and plates. I added the english parsley, yellow pepper and 3/4 mushrooms, and let it simmer. I even added a ‘dash’ of JD, for a… nice aromatic taste? Hahaha Don’t tell my dad that I did that. Then, I added a little bit of water, and thought that was a wrong move because more water came out (it’s because of the mushrooms, not the water), so I idiotically try to extract out the “water” (more known as juice).

      After cooking all the food, I then realized that it looked a little too much to add in the spaghetti. To prevent my frying pan from overflowing, or overflooding everything, I splitted the food to cook it twice ( and I dropped a mushroom on the floor in the process…sad). I started mixing the food with spaghetti, adding more olive oil, salt, black pepper and a little sugar plus JD and chinese wine. Then, I realize that it was all too dry… my mistake for pouring the lovely liquid out just now. Regrets in the kitchen were always unmendable for me (but I think it’s part of experience hehe). Moving forward to cook the second portion, placed it together with the first batch.. Then, I look at my kitchen… Thinking, “There’s bacon and mushrooms left…” Let’s do it! So I took out the remaining bacon, and fry it, along with the mushrooms. Then, I poured them over my food. I mixed them up together and tasted it… Mmm, doesn’t taste that bad.

      I packed some up into a container, changed, took some printed papers and drove over to my friend’s place to present this I-don’t-know-if-it’s-edible-food. But later he messaged me saying it was lovely. I was happy after all! Then, when I came back, cleaning the rest of the kitchen (plus the wok wok), my sister got back. I added the english parsley on top, with sprinkles of black pepper, then we both digged it. It seems that the clams and squids were fresh, so it gives a good yummy taste to the food. My sister said it’s not bad, so I happily accepted that compliment! Hehehe… It wasn’t that bad after all, but it was long hours of work and cleaning. It was tiring, but it was worthed it!


My first aglio olio seafood spaghetti (without prawns)

My first aglio olio seafood spaghetti (without prawns)