Reopening – Continuing

I thought for a very, very long time of how to start this, and now, let’s make it easy. My friend asked me to see his blog, and this got me thinking of my own. The abandoned small looking blog I have here. So, I decided to wake it up and polish it a little.

I finished my exams, and managed to passed all the subjects, but the results are still in the hands of the big guys. I’m left hanging now of what I’m gonna do next. I’ll be flying around a bit, relaxing round and round before taking the next step. It feels fast, but also a long one throughout the journey of my university life. I wasn’t too sure if it was exciting, wonderous or smoky loving for me, but I did enjoyed the first and last year. I would prefer to describe it as rowdy, twirling, aching (in some parts) and blended-blundered in some others. It does feel like I’m back in primary school, bringing me back to the very bits and pieces of memories that I loathe to remember. But overall, I think it  feels much better than primary school.

People grow, and grow and grow. When it’s time for you to take the next stage, you have to, and you can’t turn back. I remembered my cousin once told me that kids are so tiresome, its so good to be me (no strings attached). But I told her that I might have to go through that as well, it’s part of a cycle, somehow, someday later. I have myself and a few friends who don’t want to grow, and be in a pouch, hoping kangaroo mama will feed them and sheild them from sun, rain, and predators. But sooner or later kangaroo mama will throw their joey out of the pouch, to urge them to start their own life.

This is a random post, but it was just what I felt in some way at this particular moment, little bits of everything. A great relief? Moving on and taking another step is harder than I thought it would be, and to think that if I work, I can’t use student card to get cheap movie tickets anymore, or any student price thingy aches me toooo LOL. I also started calling secondary school students “kids”, which makes me feel a whole lot older, and I wanna check if I have wrinkles on my skin, but I’m too darn lazy to move and stand in front of the mirror to check inch by inch. I NEED to exercise, but I don’t have the urge to… I NEED to do something good, but I’m too lazy as well… Ever felt this way?

All in all this is going to be another beginning, another chapter to our own story, what we usually categorizes them as. My chapter for that has ended, written and signed with gratitude, hope and a smile.