Reopening – Continuing

I thought for a very, very long time of how to start this, and now, let’s make it easy. My friend asked me to see his blog, and this got me thinking of my own. The abandoned small looking blog I have here. So, I decided to wake it up and polish it a little.

I finished my exams, and managed to passed all the subjects, but the results are still in the hands of the big guys. I’m left hanging now of what I’m gonna do next. I’ll be flying around a bit, relaxing round and round before taking the next step. It feels fast, but also a long one throughout the journey of my university life. I wasn’t too sure if it was exciting, wonderous or smoky loving for me, but I did enjoyed the first and last year. I would prefer to describe it as rowdy, twirling, aching (in some parts) and blended-blundered in some others. It does feel like I’m back in primary school, bringing me back to the very bits and pieces of memories that I loathe to remember. But overall, I think it  feels much better than primary school.

People grow, and grow and grow. When it’s time for you to take the next stage, you have to, and you can’t turn back. I remembered my cousin once told me that kids are so tiresome, its so good to be me (no strings attached). But I told her that I might have to go through that as well, it’s part of a cycle, somehow, someday later. I have myself and a few friends who don’t want to grow, and be in a pouch, hoping kangaroo mama will feed them and sheild them from sun, rain, and predators. But sooner or later kangaroo mama will throw their joey out of the pouch, to urge them to start their own life.

This is a random post, but it was just what I felt in some way at this particular moment, little bits of everything. A great relief? Moving on and taking another step is harder than I thought it would be, and to think that if I work, I can’t use student card to get cheap movie tickets anymore, or any student price thingy aches me toooo LOL. I also started calling secondary school students “kids”, which makes me feel a whole lot older, and I wanna check if I have wrinkles on my skin, but I’m too darn lazy to move and stand in front of the mirror to check inch by inch. I NEED to exercise, but I don’t have the urge to… I NEED to do something good, but I’m too lazy as well… Ever felt this way?

All in all this is going to be another beginning, another chapter to our own story, what we usually categorizes them as. My chapter for that has ended, written and signed with gratitude, hope and a smile.


One Day Meal

      It was a Wednesday… My parents were away on vacation, happily spending their time at farms, meadows, penguins and other sightseeing.  While I’m at home ( my sister went to work), doing the laundry, watering the plants, sweeping the floor etc.. and just thought I might do something else rather than all that. Since my parents were away, no one is there to supervise me in the kitchen, the do’s and don’ts… mostly don’ts. I’ve decided to cook a meal for my sister and I for dinner so that we needn’t go out and eat.

      After finishing most of the chores and revision( I have test the following day), I went out to buy some groceries for the meal. I reached the grocery store called “Everfresh” and indeed, their groceries are always fresh! I scout around the area, searching for appropriate items for my “spaghetti”, which I have thought about the previous night. I first took some fresh english parsley from the bottle and held it like I’m holding flowers. Then, I saw fresh button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms… And I felt that oyster mushrooms would be great for an aglio olio spaghetti. So, I took two packets and headed to the fishy area. I hestitated, looking at the squid, clams, beef and tuna cans that were right behind my back. Off I threw some clams inside the plastic bag, unknown that if it’s fresh or not. I took a big looking squid and inserted it into another plastic bag. I still remembered asking the cashier if the clams were fresh, and she replied ” yes of course!”. As a noob of raw clams, I trusted her. I went back, washed and cleaned the squid and clams, put it back into the chiller, then I bathed and settled back to go for class.

      I came back around 3.30pm (exactly, with a little speeding maybe =P), changed and straight got into work. I took out the ingredients, which were squid, clams, yellow pepper, english parsley, garlics, onions, streaky bacon, the not-so-fresh-spaghetti, and oyster mushrooms. Well, before I start anything at all, I was suppose to boil the spaghetti, right? So, I wanted to move the wok away so I could have more space for cooking, since I’m not using it anyway. However, when I picked it up, I felt it was heavy, and there might be some liquid contents in it. So, I set it down, opened the lid and I saw… yellow goo-ish things floating on the surface, with a foul smell all around. When I looked closer, I realized that the white things around the sides MOVED!!! I quickly came into my senses that they were maggots! Some of them were moving rapidly, nearly coming out of the wok. I put the wok into the sink, and took hot water to splash them. Then, I washed away all the gross stuff, plus maggots wiggling around at the sides of the wok (and the cover as well). After cleaning the wok thoroughly, I straightened myself and continued where I stopped.

      I washed the spaghetti before boiling because it has a few insects inside that were joyfully chomping it away. Then, I started chopping english parsley to fine mush (and it turned my chopping board to green). After that, I chopped a little piece of yellow pepper, but forgotten to burn it a little under the fire to make it taste better, so I toss them into the toaster and let it toast for a little while. While it was toasting, I rinsed and cut the mushrooms, onions and garlic. Then, in comes the squid. I cut it open, unlike what I always used to cut in little rings, and then slice it in pieces ( I learnt that from the series, Take Home Chef). I marinate the squid and clams with a little bit of salt and english parsley.

      After that, I remembered taking out the yellow peppers, fortunately and cut the bacon. I took out the spaghetti from the boiler after trying it, then I started to lid up the fire and heat up the frying pan. First, I added a little olive oil into the pan, and then threw in the bacon. I let it fry until the bacon becomes brownish and dark in color, then I took the bacon out, but leaving the oil there. Then, I started frying onions and garlic. Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell that I did pluck some basil leaves from my garden and tossed it inside with the onions and garlic too. Then I added salt, sugar and a little chinese wine. I then added in the clams, and later the squid. You can imagine that the kitchen was in chaos, because I kept using new plates, new bowls everytime… I don’t know why… So I ended up filling the whole place with bowls and plates. I added the english parsley, yellow pepper and 3/4 mushrooms, and let it simmer. I even added a ‘dash’ of JD, for a… nice aromatic taste? Hahaha Don’t tell my dad that I did that. Then, I added a little bit of water, and thought that was a wrong move because more water came out (it’s because of the mushrooms, not the water), so I idiotically try to extract out the “water” (more known as juice).

      After cooking all the food, I then realized that it looked a little too much to add in the spaghetti. To prevent my frying pan from overflowing, or overflooding everything, I splitted the food to cook it twice ( and I dropped a mushroom on the floor in the process…sad). I started mixing the food with spaghetti, adding more olive oil, salt, black pepper and a little sugar plus JD and chinese wine. Then, I realize that it was all too dry… my mistake for pouring the lovely liquid out just now. Regrets in the kitchen were always unmendable for me (but I think it’s part of experience hehe). Moving forward to cook the second portion, placed it together with the first batch.. Then, I look at my kitchen… Thinking, “There’s bacon and mushrooms left…” Let’s do it! So I took out the remaining bacon, and fry it, along with the mushrooms. Then, I poured them over my food. I mixed them up together and tasted it… Mmm, doesn’t taste that bad.

      I packed some up into a container, changed, took some printed papers and drove over to my friend’s place to present this I-don’t-know-if-it’s-edible-food. But later he messaged me saying it was lovely. I was happy after all! Then, when I came back, cleaning the rest of the kitchen (plus the wok wok), my sister got back. I added the english parsley on top, with sprinkles of black pepper, then we both digged it. It seems that the clams and squids were fresh, so it gives a good yummy taste to the food. My sister said it’s not bad, so I happily accepted that compliment! Hehehe… It wasn’t that bad after all, but it was long hours of work and cleaning. It was tiring, but it was worthed it!


My first aglio olio seafood spaghetti (without prawns)

My first aglio olio seafood spaghetti (without prawns)

Are friends forgettable?

My little blog has reopened again!!! Although it’s a little weird to just continue… but it was just a moment of inspiration to write something in this hehe!
        Friend… is a word that a lot of people cherish, maybe sometimes more than their family. You could be sometimes enjoying with them, play and have fun with them without worries. You could also rely on them, in a way that you trust them wholeheartedly without a thought of what was going on behind it. You could be close to them, so much that you stay with them under the same roof, eating the same food,  or sharing the same hobbies and interests. Friends… are influential and affects part of your life. They could be so close to you, until you know that if you’re down or you have problems, you can talk to them, consult them or share the pain that you’re going through. To know that there is someone out there besides your family, to be your shoulder, and be your “lifter” at times, it is so comforting.

        But are friends forgettable?

       Till what extend do you need to know, to let go? To understand that the friend is not what or who you think he or she is, and preferred distance? Or is it just a normal friend that you barely meet, barely talk to, barely even know him or her, so she or he is forgettable? Or maybe, it was just a distance apart… that matters?

       Is it that you’ve not done enough for them? Don’t care enough about them? Don’t understand their chats or topics? Or don’t know what they desire and what they want from you? Or you yourself don’t even cherish them or acknowledge their presence in your life? So many questions… So many answers to it.

        I’ve heard about it – talked about it – experienced it. As I go along my journey, or my life, I learn to understand there were so many types of people, whom you called friends are still hiding under the veil – maybe shy, maybe it’s their character to act that way, or maybe a conspiracy. To get to like them, get influenced by them, makes everything more interesting, challenging and exciting.

        But, do they change as it goes? Unconsciously they grew, they “morph” into another person, which you didn’t know at all. You’re still in your little shell, thinking that people won’t change that much, since you knew them from the start. But, apparently that’s not how it goes for some of them. Maybe you can’t blame them, maybe you think that they grew with the environment, to survive or just affected by other people they call friends. Until a point, that you don’t remember that person anymore. With the same look, with the same body movements, or same fashion styles, you just don’t know them anymore. A sudden change in them, a leap of desire to become someone else, or maybe it was them from the start. Or maybe the problem starts with you, that you had changed and morph into another person that you didn’t know at all yourself.

        Who knows?

        So, are they going to be forgettable in your life? Or you’re going to remember them for the rest of your lives, of what happened and when did it happened, or how? Was it your fault? His or her fault? Or both which reacted the same way when something changes, and it became a dual fault.

        When a friend is not a friend anymore to you, would you forget or ignore their presence? How would you react to that situation? Or when two doesn’t give in, that it ended that way, and just disappeared into the air – an empty friendship. Maybe it’ll be forgettable as time passes, when everyone is getting on with their lives, their new focuses, their new aim or ambitions…

        And as time passes, people whom you think are far far far away friends became your closest, and those that were close to you went on without you. It’s a funny thing, no one can predict it… Heard in the radio about two very close childhood friends, can actually part because of a problem that one party caused, and one party unable to forgive. Thus the latter intend to forget his or her friend because of that, one, problem.

        Humans are so unpredictable…

        Friends are indeed important to you. But never forget who you are, your identity and know what’s best for you! So get on with it, and you’ll know that you have others to look up to, others that treat and like you as you are, not any other reasons.

        Also… smile always! There’s always a chance that the smile will brighten yourself and the people around you!!! An unselfish act!


Smiling freely everyone!
Smile freely everyone!

Elephants can paint

When i saw this video, I was utterly speechless and stunned! An elephant could paint a beautiful picture of itself, and I’ll be ashamed to call myself a human that can paint as well… The way it uses the brush, pressed it gently onto the paper to paint, it is such a wonderful thing to see when such a giant has a gentle touch. Compliments to the trainer who trained it to learn how to paint, and I think it’s not just the training, but the elephant itself has a hidden talent!

I used to think that elephants can paint, by manipulating the brushes with their trunks and splat paint onto paper randomly. But in this case, the accuracy and precision of the art makes people stunned in awe! What a beautiful picture it is, and what a wonderful star!

Malaysia Dog Olympic Day

Sunday ( 27th May, 2006)

         I woke up in a daze with a nice warm refreshing sunlight upon the side of my bed. I knew I could not sleep longer, nor could I laze around as what I did for the past two weeks. The bones are becoming lazier than ever, but I realized that I never did sleep for long during the holidays. I washed up, got dressed and went to 1 Utama with my parents at around 9.45am. 

        I went alone to the Central Park that is in front of 1 Utama New Wing to see the ultimate Malaysia Dog Olympic Day!!! I was greeted by dozens of dogs who were sniffing around and make every attempt to jump into the lake with their owners trying to handle them by pulling and jerking their leashes.  There were already so many people with their dogs, and luckily I spotted my friend with her little brother nearby the PAWS store.  Let me copy what they define the Dog Olympic Day : ”

There will be 12 dog competitions that are open to all dog owners  and their dogs to participate. Participation is totally free for all. For each competition, there will be first, second and third placing with prizes and points of 10, 8 and 6 respectively. The dog that have accumulated the most points after all the competition will be the Malaysia K9 Olympic Champion 2007 and prizes as below. Those who wish to participate can choose to join as many competition as they wish.”

There it is, oh and there are a few stores like PAWS, SPCA, Microchip section, Purina, Some Accessories Shop etc. It’s a pretty lovely and the competitions were hot and wonderful! I did not know that so many people love dogs and many of them who participated this day were not from local, but from other places like Seremban and so on.

        It was such fun to see all types of dogs and puppies running around, where you need to watch your steps for droppings or little puppies and dogs who were set running freely around the place. There were breeds like siberian huskies, german shepherd, golden retriever, shih tzu, shnauzer, silky terrier, beagle, welsh corgi, jack russel terrier, cocker spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel, saint bernard, great dane, afghan hound, border collie, chihuahua, shiba inu, chow chow, maltese, pekingnese, labrador retriever, dalmatian, poodle, bulldog, boxer, spitz, doberman, rottweiler, daschund, pug and other mixed breed dogs.

        We caught hold of any dogs around and start taking pictures. I took up to 200 photos and I was still crazily running around, stalking dogs (but not from the butt, mind you lol) to take photos. There were many adorable ones and some of them form their own little club of dogs of the same breed, like huskies, jack russell terriers and beagles. The police dogs came too, and there were 5 police dogs: 3 german shepherds, one border collie and one labrador retriever. They’re so friendly and cute! 

        We saw several cute little golden retriever pups and a really big and huge saint bernard which looks like a cow (the spots). We saw a big dog which looks like a labrador but bigger was trained to attack and bite because they did a little demonstration. But, he is very good with kids, very patient and tame when the kids were around.

        I saw a dalmatian where a lady was walking her, and went to pat her (She’s not the only one I pats, but many others!). The lady told me she was from SPCA shelter and her name is Lady. She reminded me of AD, my uncle’s dog and was really quite and considerate, but friendly too. How I wish I could take her back… We chatted with a guy that has a chihuahua that was heavily pampered by the owner and my friend’s little brother was fascinated by the size as it can be picked up in a palm!

        But nevertheless, it was really fun observing and patting all the dogs around the area, trying to overcome the sadness of not owning a dog myself. Its been two hours when we decided to head for the covers as the sun was up at our heads and it was starting to heat up. Before we do so, we met 3 camwhore dogs lol! A british cocker spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel puppy and a golden retriever that has the softest fur ever! We got back in, separated in search of our parents!

        Overall, it had been a pleasant and exciting day for me as I can see and pat so many dogs at once! Well, at least it filled my day with laughters and smiles before the class starts tomorrow!  


A Taste of Tony Roma’s

        Okay, so…. I’m full… Yeah, definitely full… Let me tell you why I’m full.. No wait, I’m bloated! Anyway, my brother decided that today is “De” day to bring me and his girlfriend out for a nice meal. I was lazing pretty much at home, had a bread for lunch, plenty of water and it was really hot out there. I lie on the sofa, jumped and danced around the house, but not roll… Well, I’m not into rolling around the house these days. My brother came back and got engrossed with his computer, while I conquered the television. After a while, it was time to hit the road and go hunt for our food. We went out, drove to The Curve and I was glad that there were few cars along the highway. We met up with my brother’s girlfriend and headed to a place called Tony Roma’s that has opened for about a few weeks or a month now.

        How do we know about Tony Roma’s? Well a week or two before, Tony Roma’s had offered a good deal about Carlsberg draft at only RM1 for a glass from 11am till 6 or 7pm in the evening. The rule is you must drink finish before ordering another glass, and you must drink finish all the beer, if not you have to pay the normal price of it. It’s a nice, dim and cozy place as my family and I went there for a drink and had some little snacks like fried mushrooms and french fries. So, back to the dinner… We scan through the menu and decided to eat there after all. The waitress who served us is called Susan and she was a pleasant and polite lady. My brother ordered 1/2  bbq chicken served with fries and coleslaw and refillable Coke drink; His girlfriend ordered sesame fish that comes with rice and additonal soup of the day; and I, ordered a chicken bbq sandwich served with french fries and sky juice.

       The food came in big portions, I mean, really really big… and I was just staring at it. Everyone started to feast on their food. The burger was about two fists of my hand and flooded with shredded bbq chicken which tasted so sweet, nice aroma and was just neat. The french fries of course, was fantastic as well as they use sea salt and black pepper with it.  There was a little decoration with two raw onion rings and a dry chilli. The other two portion was big and I really don’t know how my brother and his girlfriend ate it.  The plate was as big as two round plates join together. Everything was splendid! The bbq chicken was lovely too, along with four different types of saucewhich has its own refined taste: hot and spicy, original, smokie and honey.

       Hmm… but that was not all, I got so itchy handed after finishing up all my food, and started to take the half uneaten and unused lemon (poor lemon) and squeezed the juice into my sky juice. I mixed them around a bit and I love it. The next thing was the stupidiest or most stupid thing I did for the whole week, that is I ate the dry chilli which is not cooked and well, dry and HOT!!!!! I stuck out my tongue, trying to get some aid from my sky juice, but the acid was killing my tongue, so I reached out for my brother’s Coke drink. I drank a little, got green and choked as the gas was also killing me. Another stupid thing I did was to eat the Mentos sweet they gave me, mint is nice but it’s hot and added to my collection of how to kill your tongue and throat. I drank more of my lemon sky juice and felt sick. Hahah, I was very full, bloated with water and a hot mouth ( I meant spicy hot! Lol!).

      I came out with 15 little alien babies of chicken bbq in me and then my stomach starts to quiver and shiver, my hands got cold and my legs started shivering too. well, according to people or science, aren’t I suppose to be warm after eating a damn big portion of food? Anyway, it was so funny and my ribcage hurted because my stomach was bloated. But after all the fights and war of it, I was contented because the food was really good and fully american style. They had a branch at California near Disneyland too, where my brother ate once there.

      Yummy, oh but the 15 alien babies of chicken bbq are still swimming in my tummy now. I don’t think they’ll kick, do they?

Fumbling With Food

     It was a nice day, isnt it? Although the weather is pretty crazy, hot in the morning and early afternoon, stormy rains after that with ice cubes falling (that’s what my friend says). I did ignored the hot blizzing weather by switching on the air-conditioner and killing the ozone layer, which makes the world a hotter place to live and melting the ice up north and… Okay, let’s stop with all the cheezz… So, my plan for today… My plan… sounds evil… Poison? Cyanide? Hmm… Salt!!! That’s it! I rubbed my hands together, closed my eyes and then… It’s time to ransack the refrigerator. I dare not open the refrigerator too long as I unplug the switch because of the crazy lightning outside, so I scramble back and forth to find anything I can get on, and put it onto the table.

        When I finish throwing all the stuff out, then I sort out which one am I going to cook. Hmm… I wonder again, taking the food up and examine it. Is this due or even edible? I can’t even see the shape! I shove it back into the refrigerator. Next, I saw… ikan billis.. anchovies… Okay, I’ll fry this. Then, I saw… leftover duck duck. Yay, so I left it there to defrost. There were a few more things placed together with the duck, which was meatballs, tuna and the… chinese sausage. I nodded my head in approval of all the things there, then I settle myself with french beans, garlic and onions. I chopped them up like never before, and luckily the knife is sharp or I’ll have to wrestle and declare war against them. After finish chopping them up, I put the anchovies into the oven and let it dry out. But, it turns out to be freaking salty, so I just have to use it as a decoration. Then I slice the meatballs, chinese sausage and duck meat clean, I started the fire. Oh, before that, I had the eggs… two eggs for scramble like, three eggs for the rice.

       I had to take out the pan, and boy, the pan was bigger than my face, but easy to handle. I added oil and waited it to heat up. Then, there goes the eggs. Oh, but then the oil was not hot enough, so the eggs kind of float around…. That was so funny! But, it came out nice and golden, very pretty and proud of myself! I took it out and add more oil to the pan, and add chinese sausage first to get the aroma going on. Next was the garlic and onions. I played fried with it and let it cook till there’s a nice smell of it, only I add the tuna, duck meat and meatballs. Fry fry fry… and added more oil, soya sauce, salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Fry fry fry… and added the french beans after that… Add a little more oil and stir it until everything looks nice and lovely, sweet and refine, delicious and gorgeous, marvelous and… I think… the ingredients of it all are much more than the rice…

        Hmm… Oh well… There goes the rice and more soya sauce. Mix them! Kill them! Smash em’! Rarrr… Err okay… so the rice is well mixed and pretty pretty. I added some rice wine to enhance the taste and I love the sound! Hahaha! But actually… I should add the egg when i add in the rice and the rice should be put like there’s a hole in the middle and pour the egg inside. I forgot about that… Oh well, there goes the eggs in with soya sauce again… and sugar… and pepper. Mix mix mix mix and see the eggs run around towards the rice, covering them and conquering the other ingredients. I switch off the fire and add in the scramble eggs.

       I mix them around until it’s all even and taste it… Oh my dogness! It’s edible! I jumped with laughter and tears (not!) and I quickly put it into a nice plate, waiting for my guinea pig to come back, which happens to be my brother. I wash everything and clean up the kitchen. My brother got back and we ate… Hmm.. It’s okay… It has nice smell… But its… a little too salty? I agreed with him 100% and reminded him to drink plenty of water later. My dear fried rice, at least you can be eaten, and I’m grateful for all the food that allows me to cook it and the nice weather while cooking so I won’t sweat my eyes out!

Love at First Sight

       The moment I saw you, I knew… that we were meant to be together. It was like what people always say, love, at first sight. I look into your eyes and I feel the love, the happiness and care that you can give me, and oh… How I want it to happen. The smile that touches your mouth everytime makes me want to kiss it and hug you tightly. You were meant to fit into my arms, and we would never be separated, ever again.

        We could do a lot of things together, spend our time together, from the sun rises till it sets towards the horizontal line of the sea. We could eat together, and how I want to cook the food that you loved most, and feed you with my love, my heart, my soul. We can watch TV together, play together and we’ll enjoy each other’s company, towards no end. When we sleep, I can cuddle you so that you’ll be safely in my arms and I can dream of good memories of us and sweet loving moments we shared together.

         My dearest, if only we can be together, and spend as much time together as time, is short and not at our side. I want to accompany you till you’re old, and no matter what diseases you get, I’ll stay right by you, taking care of you, and be your guardian angel forever. We’re so near, yet so far… How I longed to hold you, and love you right there and then, and take you away to a place where both of us will not be disturbed and we can do whatever we like, free with love, passion, and care… My heart yearn for you, and only you and it melts when seeing you happy, full of life and hope.

If only… we can be together… But it is near to impossible…

If only…

If only…

Mommy, daddy, why can’t I get this cute puppy???????????????????????????

Adorable German Shepherd Puppy

Hello world!

Ee’s Key is down here and starting to grow its roots. But I think the roots will not go too deep down but it’ll sure be fun!